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My lecturer keep mentions us about setting Kidblog for children in classroom but I do not care and make effort to know about it. After, I come cross my fellow mate Pung post in her blog. I start search and found out information and who can use it. I quit surprise that now day children can have their own blog compare to my days. Children from age six can join the blog with parent’s guidance and they can blog whatever they feel. Moreover, Kidblog is more academic discussion and teachers have administrative to control all over children blogs and students accounts.



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My sister just bought a new ipad designed and marketed by Apple. There a many functions such as shoot video, take photo, play music and perform internet functions. Besides that, there also games, reference, social networking and others. It’s cool and fun when explore her ipad. Ipad can be use to integrate into classroom. I feel by using ICT in the children classroom, help to expand their knowledge and make them engage and make their learning more meaningful. It’s also very helpful for students with who have problems with communication skills and user-friendly to students with disabilities.

My fellow mate, Kat has the same view, which she mentions in her blog post.

Here a few article that I found interesting:

1.7 ways to Use Your ipad in the classroom

2.10 good iPad apps for Learning English


Week 15 – Learning Journal – Google Docs

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Google Docs is free and easy to use online word processor, form, data storage and presentation editor that enables students to create, store and share instantly. Furthermore, students can create new starch new document and upload existing document. Moreover, there’s no software to download, and all your work is stored safely online. Google support and troubleshooting email problems thus, offer support by providing a series of help pages. Google is useful for certain people and it is user-friendliness.

Feel free to view one of my course mate blog post in sharing her thought about Google Docs, which is Tiong.

I found useful link and interesting reading on this article “Benefits of Google Apps

Here’re is the summary of benefit of using it:

1.Greater Reliability
2.More hard Drive Space
5.New Features

There is the way how to use Google forms. Jennifer Walsh has post in her blog post.



Jonathan. (August 2nd, 2010). 5 Hidden Benefits of Using Google Apps. Retrieved May 31, 2013, from

Week 15 – Learning Journal – Instagram

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I was posting this blog after saw Kay’s post about modern day camera functions…I‘m not the person who like to take picture of everything but my younger sister is opposite of me like to take picture whenever she does and everywhere she going. Therefore, I addict to her and I started to take picture like her and keep the picture in my lap top. Whenever, I free I open the picture file and see, I feel fun and happy when I go through each picture.

Furthermore, to get a clear and classy picture when I snap picture, I plan to get new phone Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Later, I found from my friend’s about Instagram app in phone. It’s quit fun to use Instagram with different type of filters to make the picture look classy and better.

I have to admit, later become I addict to Instagram as I like taking photographs and editing them. Most of my friend’s course mates express themselves through the Instagram and other camera apps. The same view MeiYih Diong, mentioned in her blog post.

Here I find a useful link by The Infinite Thinking Machine for how Instagram can embed in the classroom environment to enhance the teaching and learning.

I feel most of the Asian culture tend to take picture everything they do. I found there is a video really fun and my sister keeping laughing throughout seeing the video, it exactly showing what she does every time. This video talks – how current Asian culture is going around taking picture.



5 signs that you’re addicted to Instagram. (2013). Retrieved from

Jinnyboy TV.(2013, May 31). Asians at Work [Video file]. Retrieved from

Week 15 – Learning Journal

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Last week, I just come back from my hometown from Wesak holiday. While, I waiting for bus in Kuala Lumpur to back my hostel, I notice that there is digital bus schedule tells us, when the bus going to arrive in another minutes and code number of the bus. I was quite surprise that Malaysia have improve using technology in transportation and make Malaysian people easier and updated. This is one of way, would make the bus passenger life easier and alert them when the bus is arriving.

The same view kat,mentioned in her blog post. Please feel free to view her blog.

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Week 15 – Learning Journal – Facebook

Hi friends,

Last few days, I saw my friends in Facebook keep posting and share this picture in their wall. This is what we call addict to all ICT gadget of tool in this world and technological control us.


Firstly, I would like to admit that I addict to facebook and will be online 24/7 thus, will keep updating my picture and status in my wall as well. I feel it is place where, I can express myself but I do not share the status in the public, I will keep it as a private status. I’m the person like to express myself but not in public. I feel it my private and confidential.

Furthermore, I do not need to buy newspaper thus, save my money because all the news, gossip, events and invitations are keep updating by my facebook friends in their wall status and all I need is just scroll down your Facebook page and read. The same view Neena, mentioned in her blog post.

I found useful link and interesting reading this article “On Parent Further



Parent further (2013). Benefits of Online Social Networking. Retrieved May 29 2013, from

Week 11 – Learning Journal – Last Day of My Professional Experience

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The last day practicum ended with teacher’s day celebrations. So, there is no lesson for the whole day. The day before, I feel no mood to go and I think that, not even going to get a single present from the students thus, I not a permanent teacher in that school, just a practicum students for 15 days. However, I have to full-filled requirement this course to complete 15 days of professional experience.

The highly-anticipated day has already come. The dress code for that is party wear with sunglasses. While, I and my friend, doing gate duty in morning, one of the children, give me a small teddy with my note “Thank you”. I ‘m shock for while. I feel very impressed, thus, she is one my favourite child among the others children in that school. Later, the children participate in game such as make up their friends and sing teacher’s day song together with the teachers. Furthermore, there are also champion award giving for the children who done well in their first term. Next, I had my snack time together with the children and photograph session. Moreover, there are some children give me some present even, I do not know or teach them. They have made my day, I feel extremely happy on that day.

Here the picture, present that given by me beloved children

Collage 2013-05-24 00_40_00

I really enjoy that day and I and other my prac friends had a simple closing up with our mentor. Overall, she comments that I have done my best and she suggests me to improve in the classroom management. It is the main things for every teacher to keep in their mind to get better performance students in the classroom and avoid misbehavior occur during teaching and learning.

Here I find some useful link for classroom management ideas and resources for teachers :

Top ten classroom management ideas and resources

Feel free to view one of my course mate blog post in sharing their thought about Last day of her professional experience, which is Charis Tan.



Gurley, L. (2011). Top ten classroom management ideas and resources. Retrieved May 29, 2013, from

Week 11 – Learning Journal – Topic of Interest -The Interactive Whiteboard’s

Hello bloggers,

From professional experience placement that I completed last week. One of the lesson, I use Interactive Whiteboard’s and it’s the main teaching ICTs tools that school thus, there are also other ICT resources such computers, listening device, projectors and speakers. I quit excited when using the smart boards and new experience for me as well. However, with my mentor and others help me how to use. I feel the children now, so lucky to have variety of ICTs tools for their teaching and learning compare during my days.

One of my course mate Charis Tan,shared her view using Interactive Whiteboard’s on her blog. Please feel free to view her blog post-The Interactive Whiteboard’s

From the lesson that I conducted, the children feel excited and want to learn something new on the interactive board. The children admire how the things being moved just single touch of their fingers. However, I do not use for my entire lesson; I believe there must pros and cons in using interactive smart board.Here is the link about Interactive Whiteboards-The Pros and Cons

One of my course mate Megan Lim shared her view Interactive Whiteboard’s on her blog post.Please feel free to view her blog post- Interactive Whiteboard’s Single Touch.

Wright, R. S. (2013). Interactive boards- The pros and cons. Retrieved May 28, 2013, from


Week 11 – Learning Journal – Topic of Interest –ICTs and Early Childhood

Hello bloggers,

Throughout my learning experience in this course, I have looked many sites, blog and do some reading too. I was aware that many great web site like games, online for the children to use for their learning. When, I busy surf internet for getting some ideas for lesson, I have discovered interesting and useful web resources for the children. There one web site might help children to present their work, you might want to check out- storyboard generator and Itch-A-Skitch-an online game I found out from Megan’s post.

Furthermore, while I preparing lesson for my professional experience, my mentor suggest me to use listening device to make the children able to get the instruction clearly and at the same time, easy to manage the classroom.
Here is the link for teacher to know the need for children to use headphones- Engaging Early Years Foundation Stage children in computer-based play: A guide for practitioners

Stancer, A. (2011). Engaging Early Years Foundation Stage children in computer-based play: A guide for practitioners. Retrieved May 28, 2013, from

Happy blogging!

Week 10 – Learning Journal

Hello friends,

Recently the school I doing practicum, during Chinese lesson, the teacher brought tablets into classroom to implement in the lesson. Once, the children saw the tablets, the keeping telling each other that I had one and play game every day and my mummy and daddy bought for me. The saddest part that my parents do not buy for me what they had now. I feel during their ages, I not dare touch my phone and even my parents not buy me laptop until I finish my secondary school. They personally feel that it is not important to me at that ages and I will not concrete in my study.

For current situation, I believe that using tablets not one learning resources especially with young kids because they will easy get addicted and they will over explore. I have survey about use of tablets in classroom. A company mentions that preschool should use tablets in their school and make it as one of teaching tools in classroom.

One of my course mates Megan Lim posted about a little girl in Britain whose parents are seeking treatment from the psychiatric department for her iPad addiction –Four-years-old girls is Britain’s youngest iPad ADDICT: Shocking rise in children hooked on using smart phones and tablets (Seales & Harding, 2013)

End of week 10!


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